Stitch by KMIDesign – Cambridge, MA


Ever look at a shelter magazine or blog and see spaces that look frigid and sterile? You sit and wonder, “Does someone actually live there? Ok, clearly these people don’t have kids or pets or personalities.”  Well if that is your impression of what high-end interior design looks like, look again.

Cambridge based Kate Maloney Interiors creates gorgeous spaces that are meant to be lived in by the whole family.  Kate and her team infuse each project with a quirky mix of pattern, color and texture.  Though usually not one for labels,  Kate’s style could possibly be coined as, “Cantabridgian Chic” or perhaps “Boho Modern.” Whatever the label you come up with, each home is always a great balance of the old and new; creating spaces that are timeless, stylish and always functional.

Established in 2003, Kate’s design office recently expanded to include a new retail venture called Stitch. “After years of discovering new vendors and pieces that are one of a kind,” Kate says “we’ve decided to bring our passion for the unique to market!  Stitch is a collection of everything we’ve fallen in love with but haven’t found a home for yet.”  Located on the 2nd floor of an old, brick Quaker Oats’ building in Central Square (and just 2 floors below Kate’s design studio) lies the home of Stitch.  A small, sunny space that houses the great finds Kate and her team have amassed along the way. The carefully curated collection houses vintage finds and modern treasures alike.

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the space for Kate and wanted to share a glimpse of the fun.  Though Stitch is open by appointment only, you can shop their website anytime!!





Like Kate’s work?  Be sure to also check out The Velvet Fantastic, a blog written by Kate’s long-time partner in crime and design godess, Thiara Borges.  Together, these ladies are awesomeness overload!

7 thoughts on “Stitch by KMIDesign – Cambridge, MA

  1. Reblogged this on The Things I Think About and commented:
    Here’s a post about one of my favorite Massachusetts designers Kate Maloney Interiors (written/photographed by my favorite person!). Check out Kate’s storefront, Stitch, in Cambridge, Ma and see all of the uniquely awesome items she’s picked up to pass on to you!

  2. I love Kate’s space – I walked by one evening about a year ago and she was having an open house. Once I was inside I felt like it was such a special opportunity – as you show in these images, it feels like a carefully selected personal space.

    Your pictures are beautiful – you capture her mix of quirky simplicity very well.


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